We offer
a simple way to Record

Sepran will record your daily incomes,and expenses in a simple way

Have you ever felt that your money run out in short time?

then you did not remember the things that you have been bought. Do you want to record your expense yet you do not have enough time to open your computer?

we offer a simple way to record.
You can just install SEPRAN app!


Save time, save money,look more professional

Easy to Use

You do not need to type again your transactions that happen days ago

Offline to Activity

This application can run without internet connection

Secure Privacy

The one who has access to your data and expenses is yours. We do not have access to your data

Secure Data

You can set up your login PIN and fingerprint to enter the application

Backup to Google Drive

Backup your data on Google Drive so that you can put on your new smartphone.

Custom Report

You can create your financial statement based on your income period date.